In general, you wear the right way and you can display an elegant look that will help you get the job or promotion you want or make a big deal. At work, it's very important because your appearance can actually make you lose money. So you have to look your best. Here are some tips to make sure you beat them.

Dressing for the office does not mean you cannot follow the fashion look, or develop a custom style. Your goal is to design a professional, competent and dynamic look - you want to say that the company gives the impression that you are trying to create and manage the work to be done.

Styles and personalization of your clothing options will reflect the perception that others have of your ability to do your job.

Below are some basic tips on how to maximize your appearance.

1. Insert : The pants must be mounted and not visible. Skirts, especially those that are straight, such as pencil skirts, must be wide enough to sit comfortably and not too tight. The clothes must match to know the size and the dress inside Jackets must be buttoned and blouses must not have spaces between the buttons.

2. Traditional career colors include marine (reliable), gray (conservative) and black (elegant and conservative). Being alert to red, especially in sales, can be considered aggressive and its counterpart, especially that of other women. Most of these colors work well in pants, skirts and shoes and you can combine black with softer colors such as light blue, lilac, pink and stone.

Bright colors, such as bright pink and wild prints, are more dangerous. So be careful if you want to mix them.

3. The confusing jewels (earrings and bracelets crowns that show you are coming) are not, no. Go for small crystal earrings or individual bracelets and a beautiful watch.

4. Soft bags seem unprofessional and misleading. Instead, choose structured styles that display a clear, organized, and effective image.

With other accessories do not neglect them! Everything about you must show cleanliness and efficiency. Manicure nails, seamless handle, polished shoes, hair styles. Make sure everything creates the right look in every detail.

It seems never worn in the office include:

6. Sexy clothes - Avoid - Bermuda, miniskirts, very strong dads, designer labels and lots of leather.

7. Clothing should be snug and avoid: wrinkled clothing, layers and matching clothes.

Dressing for the office means finding a balance between being handsome and skilled, organized and ready to work.

You can always look sexy in a delicate way, but the look is delicate and not on your face - it's the biggest mistake of all when you get dressed for the office.

Follow the tips above and get ready to kill them!

A beautiful look will help you progress in your career and we hope that it will accelerate you in the career you want.